Intel’s Accelerated Leadership Program for MBA’s

This jobcast will feature Intel Corporation’s Accelerated Leadership Program. The Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) is a unique post-MBA rotation opportunity. Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor company and has its headquarters based in Santa Clara, California, with offices located worldwide. Joining us now are Elena and Piush, Associates in the Accelerated Leadership Program. Click here for further details.

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Elena and Piush will discuss:

* What attracted you to the Accelerated Leadership Program, and did you consider other options?
* How have used the program’s flexibility in choosing assignments to design your Intel career?
* Do you have the opportunity to network with your peers in the program and can you tell us a little bit about your experiences?
* Has there ever been a time during your rotations that you felt a bit out of your comfort zone and, if so, how did you handle it?
* What is it like to work at Intel?
* If someone were interested in Intel’s Accelerated Leadership Program, how would they apply?