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On today’s jobcast, Jobs in Pods host Peter Clayton speaks with with Vanessa Boykin, Assistant Controller at Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG). If you’re into numbers, you’ve found the right jobcast!

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FHEG reaches more than five million students, and provides affordable textbook options through more than 900 campus stores and online via Follett Higher Education Group has saved students over $1 Billion in the past three years on textbooks through the company’s popular Rent-A-Text, Used, Buyback and Digital programs.

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But today, it’s show me the money!

Vanessa Boykin, Assistant Controller Follett Higher Education Group

Questions we ask Vanessa in this Jobcast

1. You’ve been with Follett for 10 years. One thing I’ve noticed about your organization is that people tend to make a career at the company. Why is that so, and tell us about your career experience at FHEG.

2. Tell us about FHEG’s finance and accounting organization

3. In your opinion, what separates FHEG from other companies?

4. What career opportunities are currently available in the Finance and Accounting group?

5. What opportunities for career advancement and growth are available for those joining your organization?

6. How can our listeners find out about career opportunities at FHEG?

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