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If you’re a college senior, or a recent grad, you’ll be interested in hearing what our special guests, Emily and Caitlin have to say about GEICO. Both are soon-to-be grads from The University of Arizona, have served as GEICO Brand Ambassadors on campus, were summer interns, and are now joining GEICO’s  Leadership Program upon graduation.

GEICO, of course, is the nation’s fastest-growing insurance company, thanks to their low rates, clever marketing and outstanding customer service.

Questions we ask Emily & Caitlin in this Jobcast

Emily & Caitlin, GEICO Supervisor Leadership Program

1. Emily, can you tell us what a GEICO Brand Ambassador does, and how you initially became involved in the program?

2. Caitlin, you’ve been a GEICO Brand Ambassador as well. Why did you decide to participate in this program?

3. Emily I understand you’ll be joining GEICO’s Supervisor Leadership Program when you graduate. What’s your major, and what track will you take in the leadership program? Why is that track a good fit for you?

4. Caitlin you’ll be joining the Auto Damage track in GEICO’s Supervisor Leadership Program – why did you choose auto damage? How has your major prepared you for this program?

5. Okay, I have a question for both of you – let’s start with you, Caitlin, why did you choose to join GEICO? Emily? (Same question)

6. Emily, now that you’ve had an internship and participated in GEICO’s job fairs on campus, what would you like to share with other college seniors who might be thinking about applying to GEICO?

7. Caitlin, what are you most looking forward to when you graduate and begin your career with GEICO? Emily? (Same question)

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That will do it for this edition of Jobs in Pods. To learn about all the awesome career opportunities at GEICO, visit And if you’re a college senior or recent grad, be sure to click on the Students & Grads link to learn more about their leadership programs, internships, and achievement awards. GEICO. Driving your career. Insuring your future.

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