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Welcome to Jobs in Pods! On today’s jobcast you’ll learn about Machine Apprentice Positions with RockTenn, located at their manufacturing facility in West Chester, Ohio.

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RockTenn Merchandising Displays is America’s leading promotional and permanent merchandising displays provider, including design, manufacturing, fulfillment and distribution services. The company is committed to providing best-in-class merchandising solutions that achieve Brand, Shopper and Retailer objectives at the lowest total cost.

RockTenn’s 26,000 employees around the globe are committed to exceeding their customers’ expectations – every time. Joining host Peter Clayton from West Chester, Ohio is HR Coordinator Kara Duncan, and Machine Operator Shannon Freymuth.

 Machine Apprentice Positions with RockTenn, located at their manufacturing facility in West Chester, Ohio.
Questions we ask Kara and Shannon in this jobcast

1.  Kara, tell us a little bit about RockTenn, and your manufacturing facility in West Chester, Ohio.

2. Kara in this jobcast we’re featuring the role of Machine Apprentice. With this position, what specific background, qualifications and education do you look for?

3. Shannon, you joined RockTenn in July of 2011. What attracted you to the company and the position of machine operator?

4. Shannon can you tell us about the training you’ve received since joining RockTenn? What’s unique about your company?

5. Kara, from your perspective why would a qualified candidate want this position, and would want to join RockTenn?

6. And Kara, what are the opportunities for advancement and promotion as a machine operator?

7. Shannon, many people assume these kinds of manufacturing jobs need to be performed by men. However, RockTenn is actively recruiting women for machine apprentice positions. What has been your experience?

8. Shannon, I understand you have done a great job of understanding the business, and what it takes to make a superior product for your customers. What do you like about your job and working for RockTenn?

9. One last question, Kara, what is the best way to apply for a machine apprentice position at RockTenn?

Kara and Shannon, thanks for joining us on Jobs in Pods!

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Jobcast for Machine Apprentice Positions with RockTenn, West Chester, Ohio.

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