GEICO Supervisor Leadership Program in Macon, GA!

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Hey Panthers listen up! We have a Georgia State grad on the show today. Ashley recently completed GEICO’s Supervisor Leadership Program, a fast-track management training program designed for outstanding college graduates.

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Ashley is based at GEICO’s largest office in Macon Georgia. GEICO, of course, is on of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing insurance companies, thanks to their low rates, clever marketing and outstanding customer service.

Ashley, GEICO Supervisor Leadership Program, Macon, GA.

Questions we asked Ashley in this Jobcast

1. You took part in a very cool GEICO video called ‘GEICO is the Place to be for College Grads’ –  In the video you say “GEICO proves to be different” Can you expand on that for us?

2. We’ve interviewed a number of recent college grads with GEICO, and one thing they’ve all told us – they never thought they would pursue a career with an insurance company. Is that true for you as well?

3. How did you learn about GEICO and the Supervisor Leadership Program?

4. Two-part question, Ashley. What did you major in at Georgia State, and how does what you learned in school apply to what you’re doing now?

5. You joined GEICO right out of college. Was the company helpful in your transition from college life to working for a large corporation?

6. I understand you moved to Macon, GA to join the Supervisor Leadership program. Was the program a good fit for you?

7. This program is a fast track to management. From what I understand you were recently promoted. Has the program lived up to your expectations? (And what is your current position?)

8. What’s the culture like at GEICO – Have you developed friendships with your co-workers?

9. Do you like living in Macon? What do you do for fun?

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That will do it for this edition of Jobs in Pods. To learn about all the great career opportunities at GEICO largest office in Macon, Georgia, visit And if you’re a college senior or recent grad, be sure visit GEICO’s  Students & Grads link to learn more about their leadership programs, internships, and achievement awards. GEICO. Driving your career. Insuring your future. Be sure to check out our interview with Steve Cairns, manager of GEICO’s corporate-wide college recruiting efforts, and all the GEICO jobcast interviews on

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